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ALLIED SPORTS of Virginia Fall Brawl Lacrosse Rules
The following rules are written by the US Lacrosse Youth Council as exceptions to the National Federation of State High School Associations' (NFHSA) 2013 Boys' Lacrosse Rules. Rules modified below are to be considered standard Youth Rules for the conduct of the tournament.
Divisions (By age, not grade):
U19: 2014 High School Seniors are allowed to play
U15: BORN ON OR AFTER 9/1/1998
U13: BORN ON OR AFTER 9/1/2000
U11: BORN ON OR AFTER 9/1/2002
U09: BORN ON OR AFTER 9/1/2004

Global Tournament Rules:

  • Any team that forfeits a game during the tournament will be ineligible to compete in any playoff games.
  • No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament. Any team with a player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games in which the player is known to have competed and therefore, forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoff round.
  • Stop/start clock in last 2 minutes of game if score is within 2 goals.
  • Penalty time will be time and half running clock. Ex. 30 sec penalty=45 seconds
  • Goal differential of 5=free clear for team that is down, team that is losing chooses to exercise this right
  • Mouthpiece violation will at most be 30 second penalty, but only after being warned
  • All fields are assumed legal; lines will be redrawn by tournament personnel as required.
  • All parents and fans will locate themselves on the opposite side of the field from player benches. Spectators, fans, and parents will observe the 6-yard spectator limit line on the far side of the field and will set the example for good sportsmanship.
  • Summer Slam games will consist of two 25 minute running halves with a 3 minute half time period.
  • One 30 second time out per game is allowed (stopped clock). After 30 seconds, the teams will be whistled back onto the field and the game clock will begin. If a team does not return in a prompt manner they will either lose possession of the ball or be assessed a delay of game penalty. No timeouts in the last two minutes of the game.
  • Personal fouls are to be taken seriously. In addition to the NFHS rules, any player or coach who uses derogatory or profane language (starting with “damn”) on the field or bench, whether addressing a player, coach or referee may receive: first offense, 1 to 3-minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty; second offense a 3-minute non-releasable expulsion foul.
  • Ejections of players, coaches, or fans from any one game will be reviewed by tournament directors to determine if further participation is authorized for ejected personnel. In every case, genuine expressions of sportsmanship shall be considered in the adjudication of such cases.

High School: All rules enforced per NFHS Rule Book

  • Time serving penalties are enforced and man up situations are permitted in all divisions except the U9 Division, where there are no time-serving penalties; instead the player must be substituted for and the ball awarded to the other team at the point of the infraction.


  • Advancement of the ball rules shall be enforced (4 secs – goalie, 20 secs – clear midlfield, 10 secs- in attack zone).
  • Goalie Penalty: In home serves all fouls, excluding unsportsmanlike or expulsion fouls.
  • Goalies shall wear chest protectors and throat guards.
  • Take-out body checks are permitted as long as the checking player uses reasonable force (i.e., no follow-through) and no attempt to injure the opposing player is made. Body checks made with the intent to injure the opposing player, or where unnecessary/excessive force is utilized are not permitted. Spearing will incur a one-minute non-releasable penalty, at a minimum.

U13: Same as U15, except:

  • No advancement of the ball rules apply, except for goalie clearing the crease within 4 secs.

U9 and U11: Same as U13, except:

  • The length of the short crosse may be 37 to 40 inches for offensive players in the U11 Division and defensive players in such divisions may use a stick with a length of 37 to 72 inches.
  • No body checking is allowed. Players are encouraged to “play the ball.” If a loose ball is stalled, officials may re-start play following the alternate possession rule.
  • Stalling shall not be enforced in the last two minutes for the team ahead
  • Any poke check making contact with an opponent (other than the gloved hand while holding the stick) may be considered a slash.


  • At the end of each game a referee will record the score of the game on the score sheet at the table and both refs/coaches will sign the score sheet. A coach for both teams must sign the scoresheet. A Fall Brawl representative will then pick up the score sheet and return it to the registration tent. All scores will be recorded on the main scoreboard located in front of the registration tent. Once the score sheet reaches the administration tent the score is considered final.
  • No tiebreakers for regulation games. Semifinal and final games that end in a tie will play an overtime period until the first goal is scored.
  • Ties will be broken in the following way: 1) head to head play, 2) goal differential, 3) goals against, 4) goals for 5) coin toss